Hey I'm Cobi

As a dedicated student at the University of Washington, currently pursuing a degree in Interaction Design (UI/UX), my passion for photography has been ingrained in me since childhood. While I began capturing moments at a young age, it was my role as the yearbook editor in high school that ignited a deep love for photography. Taking charge of documenting countless memories for the yearbook, I became captivated by the art form and its ability to convey emotions and tell stories. It was during my senior year when I discovered the joy of capturing my friends' senior photos, which marked the beginning of an incredible journey in photography. Since then, I have been committed to honing my skills and exploring the limitless creative possibilities, blending my design knowledge with my passion for photography to create meaningful visual experiences.

My Other Passion

Discover the intersection of my two passions: photography and design. While my love for capturing moments through the lens has been a driving force, I invite you to explore another facet of my creative journey – my design work.

Explore my diverse passions through a glimpse into my design work. Click "Design Work" in the navigation bar to witness the seamless harmony of artistry and functionality in my captivating creations.